Brit Ahm Youth (BAY)

Our Vision

Our Mission

Brit Ahm Youth exists to reach out and unite youth in the Body of Messiah, in the Ruach HaKodesh, the Truth of G-D's Word, and in the Messiah Yeshua. Our desire is for them to grow stronger and closer in their personal relationship with the Father and to build encouraging connections with other youth.

Our goal is reach out to, love, teach, disciple, and equip each student in the faith of the Holy Scriptures (Torah/Tanakh, Brit Chadashah) so they may carry out the Great Commission in their community. We aim to exemplify godly, Biblical lifestyles and encourage youth to grow in their spiritual giftings and callings in Messiah.


Monthly Youth Nights

Every 1st Saturday of the month from 6pm until 9pm at Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue. Please check the youth chat in the Brit Ahm app or the youth Facebook page for any possible event cancellations.

The following are youth nights this year that were changed to another date:
July 29th -Youth Night was changed from August 5th to July 29th. 

The following youth nights this year are postponed:
April 1st - Postponed due to YMJA Retreat the previous week
October 7th -
Postponed due to Sukkot

Youth Serving at Oneg

Every other month on the third Shabbat, the youth set up, serve, and clean up during oneg time after service. The youth meet in the fellowship hall around 11:30 am Shabbat morning (when the teaching begins during service).

The 2023 schedule:
January 21
March 18
May 20
July 15
September 16
November 18

Upcoming Outings

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