The most amazing, kind, Yeshua loving, good looking, parent obeying, Torah reading, most excited to follow the WAY of Yeshua, happy children in the entire world.
Shalom Yeladim.  This week's parasha is Vayetzei which means "and [Ya'akov] went out".  Starts with a rather dramatic miracle.  Have you ever wanted to see a miracle take place? Maybe you’d like to see a river part or see someone healed from a sickness. This week, we are reading Parsha Vayetzei, which begins with what is known as the story of Ya'akov’s Ladder.  Ya'akov sees a miraculous vision in his dream. But, before he sees this miracle, we read that he does several things in Genesis 28:10-12:  10 Then Jacob left Beer-sheba and went toward Haran. 11 He happened upon a certain place and spent the night there, for the sun had set. So he took one of the stones from the place and put it by his head and lay down in that place. 12 He dreamed: All of a sudden, there was a stairway set up on the earth and its top reaching to the heavens—and behold, angels of God going up and down on it! So what were the things that Ya'akov (Jacob) did to prepare for this miracle?  1) he left and went. 2) he happened upon a certain place. 3) he took one of the stones. 4) he dreamed.  This experience teaches us that when we desire to see the miraculous, sometimes we can to do something to prepare ourselves for the miraculous to take place.  If we are expecting G-D to show up, let us prepare our hearts, and minds, and then do something to show that we are prepared to see a miracle.
Our vision is to see children grow and flourish spiritually in their relationship with Messiah Yeshua and become solid, strong disciples who will spread the Good News to everyone with whom they come in contact, with joy and zeal.
To guide our children in beginning and strengthening a relationship with Messiah Yeshua by understanding and fully grasping the lessons and concepts in Scripture. To encourage a strong identity as Messianic believers with the whole of B'nei Israel.


Click on the yeladim below to print and use these fun activities at home this week to make learning about the parsha (portion) even more exciting and hands-on!


Did you miss last weeks parsha activities?
Click on the yeladim below to print these fun activities to learn even more!

This weeks Yeladim Class Information

Our Next Family Event is Rosh Chodesh on 11/24/22
Pictures to the right are of VTS 2021.
Hello, ani Laila.  Nayim meyod!  That means it is nice to meet you.  Lionel, who you met above, is my big brother.  I am here to help him show you more about all the exciting things you can do in your Yeladim ministry!
Tuesday 6:30pm
Torah study: in the current Parasha available here. You may download the packet and get a head start on the readings for Tuesday night class. Those who turn in their Tuesday packets on Shabbat, or the next Tuesday night get a special prize! Gesher l'Mitzvah: A preparatory bridge class focusing on Messianic identity, Hebrew language, and service for those 10+ looking toward their Bar/Bat Mitzvot. Classes will resume November 1st 2022.

Saturday: 9:00am
Shabbat School: Yeladim will learn about the weekly parsha and how to apply it to their daily walk with G-D.  Click on the chalkboard above for the lesson you can do at home.  Shabbat School is currently on hiatus until interest in this weekly portion class is renewed.

Saturday: 11:15am
Yeladim b'Yeshua: Will be exploring the themes of this weeks parsha with Rebbitzen Pammy and Miss Beverly.  As we go through the yearly cycle of Torah we connect with our greater Jewish community and with the WORD of G-D: Yeshua, and allows us greater understanding of HIS word.  Be sure to click on the children above to get this weeks lesson and activity.

Saturdays for Shiru l'Ad-nai:  Please join and watch the Choir Chat in the App for details about upcoming practice times.

*Children who turn 13 during a semester may continue to come until the end of that semester.  They are also encouraged to participate in the BAY activities.

2022 TRUST
Vacation Torah School

except for the memories and impact VTS 2022 IS over
check out pictures on the left
Praise G-D for another successful
and impactful VTS!

40 children this year have experienced a week of crafts, outdoor games, worship, and Torah learning in a fun and immersive environment designed to communicate the good news of Yeshua HaMashiach, build friendships, and bring them into greater understanding of halacha.  This all happened on July 11th-15th, 2022, bringing real Torah learning to children in the Brit Ahm community, and those from and outside the greater Emerald Coast family.  If you would like more information on this and upcoming VTS programs please call the office. 

Check out all the great THings going on at Brit Ahm

Each week there are a lot of fun and exciting opportunities to learn more about our faith and grow in Yeshua.  Check out all of the great activities for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions; Brit Ahm Kids

Needing to know more is a common occurance in our tribe, click on the image to the left to get a full list of questions we are asked on a regular basis.  Of course if you do not find your answers here, please call the office and speak with Rivkah.

Shabbat School

A weekly walk through the Torah portion, and fundamental Bible principals emphasizing identity and halacha taught by Rebbitzen Pammy and Miss Beverly.  Yeladim will participate in meaningful discussions that encourage their understanding, and play games that deepen their knowledge, of what walking in 'The Way' of Yeshua really means.

Musica v'Sheir

Taught by Mrs. Catherine, this once a month class on the second Shabbat during service, explores traditional and modern music in the context of worship, and the Biblical calendar.  Yeladim will have to opportunity to learn songs and history, and participate in activities that solidify their identity in Yeshua, and their Messianic community.

Children's Messianic Dance

Traditional Davidic circle dance movements, this class is currently on hiatus in need of an instructor, so that the children may meaningfully participate in the dance circle during our community worship time.  All children are welcome to join the dancers in the center of the circle as long as they are genuinely worshiping and not a danger to themselves or the other dancers.  We are currently in need of a talented teacher for this class.

Gesher l'Mitzvah

A preparatory bridge class focusing on Messianic identity, Hebrew language, and service for those 10+ looking toward their Bar/Bat Mitzvot.  Meeting Tuesdays @ 6:30

Shiru l'Ad-nai

Brit Ahm’s youth and children’s choir for dedicated youth and yeladim that desire a music education and want to bring their worship to a service level.  Focused on worship, sight reading, and outreach to the community.  This group, led by the very talented Mrs. Johnson, meets on the second Shabbat of the month during service time.

Yeshua b'Yeladim

Children in Yeshua meet on the fourth Shabbat of the month during service to get a topical and practical study of Torah principles and how to apply them to our daily walk with Yeshua.  We explore Biblical holy days, and modern observances and play games based on the skills we all need to walk in righteousness.

Tuesday night fellowship and children's study

A chance for our yeladim to play and fellowship together.  Beginning at 5pm on Tuesday nights in the Spring and Summer our yeladim will enjoy playing together in our backyard, and fellowshipping over board games in the fellowship hall.  Beginning at 6:30 we have an intensive parsha based study time where all children are invited to dive deeper into our weekly Torah, Haftorah, and Brit ChaHadasha portions. 

Moms morning oFF

On the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm we invite your Mom and Dad to have a day off, while you and all your siblings have a great time with us at the Synagogue!  | Infants & school-age kids welcome!
Themed biblical half day of fellowship, play, crafts, and lessons to increase their identification with B’nei Yisrael, and their place among G-D’s people. Focused on teaching manners, and identity as royal Son's and Daughters of the ONE TRUE KING.  Call the office to sign up before Monday @5:00 pm. Watch the video >>>> to see more!


Shabbat Mornings from 8:30-Right before the end of service 

Each week we read stories, sing songs, and model the love of Yeshua for our youngest yeladim.  You can incorporate some of the "Big Ideas" into your own play time.  You will be amazed by how much they will learn.  Click on the tinoch (baby) on the right to find this weeks Nursery Lesson plan.