VAcation Torah school

Immersed in HIS JOY 2021

Get ready to dive into our most immersive Vacation Torah School yet!  This Summer, July 19-23, children all over Pensacola are invited to go deep and explore the JOY that G-D has for each of us.  We will investigate what JOY is and where it comes from, where we can find out about it, and how to protect it, experience it in times of sorrow, and even distinguish it from happiness.  We will sing, dance, play outrageous water based games, enjoy gourmet lunches, and make incredible crafts!  Registration for this years OCEANS of JOY Vacation Torah School is open now.  Register your children for this year's VTS below!  

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Last day to register for this years vts is
july 4th


We are not longer accepting VTS Registrations

Please contact the office at 850-484-0900 if you have any questions.


What is Vacation Torah Study?
Vacation Torah Study or VTS is an immersive faith based, Torah teaching, Yeshua believing, week of
worship, learning, and spiritual growth designed to encourage, deepen, and strengthen the faith of all children ages 5-12
What are the dates and hours of VTS?
VTS runs from July 19th through July 23rd.
VTS begins at 10am each morning and ends at 4pm each afternoon.
What do I need to sign my child up for VTS?
You will need to register your child either in person at the Brit Ahm Synagogue office, or online via the form that is live now.  You will need to pay a small participation fee of $15. for the whole week. (there is a discount for families of over three children) , and fill out a permission form, again either in person, or online.
How can I help VTS?
There are multiple opportunities for volunteers who work onstage or behind the scenes to make our VTS the most outstanding in all of Florida.  You can check out our Volunteer book, commit to a role or commit to provide materials for our crafts, set build, or even donate items for our lunches.  Please contact Rivkah in the synagogue office for more information.  Alternatively, you can donate to the ministry through our Brit Ahm website.

VTS 2021 Immersed in HIS JOY

What is JOY?  Where does it come from?  How can we get more of it in our lives?  How can we hold on to it?  Especially in these times of chaos, confusion, and trouble?  What makes JOY different from happiness?  

There is no doubt in the mind of a believer that these questions are as relevant today as they have ever been.  This years Vacation Torah School seeks to equip yeladim with the tools to understand, and access the JOY promised to all people who would put their faith in the one true G-D, the creator of JOY, and the one who designed us, no matter the circumstances we face, for HIS Joy!  Each day we will gather the children into "schools", with a faith filled leader and a fish-tastic youth assistant, to dive deep into the question of Joy.  We will learn what the Creator of Joy has to say about it by reading the word.  We will experience it in games with the "Hammerheads and Sawfish", in fellowship, and in worship at the "Shoreline Sunrise".  We will discuss the topics "Deep in the Grotto", while we do "Porpoise-ful Crafts", and even talk about it over our "Fresh Catch in the Aquarium".  All week long we will explore the idea of JOY and what it means to believers in the WORD of G-D, and followers of The Way of Yeshua.  We will investigate our own thoughts, and ideas, and we will learn in many different ways how we can walk always in the Joy of our L-rd!

Registration for this years "JOY" VTS is now open, please register your child today!

BE part of joy as big as the ocean

Be a VTS Volunteer!
Can we count on you?  VTS is a life changing week for our yeladim, but also for our volunteers!  You can make a huge difference in the life of a child with your time and effort.  It is a commitment, and the time and effort needed vary with each volunteer role, but we promise that the blessings you receive will far outweigh both.  Please prayerfully consider volunteering for one of the following much needed roles today!  If you are interested in any of the below volunteer roles please call Rivkah @ the synagogue office today.  We have others available, you can check out the volunteer book here by clicking on the diver, or in the Brit Ahm sanctuary on the gold table.
SEAHORSES:  UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE- Set-builders and Theme-ers to help transform the Brit Ahm campus into a fun and exciting "Ocean of Joy" for the children.  We are looking for someone who has an artistic mind and some skill with building, painting, crafting and set building.  Someone who enjoys transforming the everyday, into the exciting and thrilling, and is a team player.  Please call Catherine today
BABY BELUGA: 2 OPPORTUNITIES LEFT- Someone who has a heart for G-D and yeladim, and finds enjoyment in crafting and being creative. You will assist the beluga in everything, the yeladim in the craft of the day, and guide the children through each activity while reinforcing each days verse and theme .
SAILFISH:  MANY OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE- Generous in love for G-D and the yeladim - able to produce for loan or donation the supplies requested- Please click on sailfish on the left to see a list of needed supplies.
PB&JELLYFISH:  MANY OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE- Generous in love for G-D and the yeladim - able to procure the food and ingredients needed to fill our VTS 'Aquarium' with all kinds of good kosher 'FISH FOODS' to feed our hungry schools.  Please click on the PB&JELLYFISH on the left to see the updated list.